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Jan 29, 2016

In this episode I discuss the troubling drift of the Democratic Party into anti-Americanism. Whether it's an outsized focus on division politics, or their anti-American economic rhetoric, they are committed to winning elections at any cost. We cannot be singly focused on GOP intra-party struggles while the socialism movement festers within the American left.

Jan 27, 2016
In this episode I discuss the growing government war on energy companies and how they are using discretionary bureaucratic power to blacklist American businesses.
I also discuss the growing war of words within the democratic presidential field against American businesses and how it defies the most basic of economics.
Jan 26, 2016
In this episode I discuss the Obama administration's weaponization of government through the extensive use of discretionary rule-making and interpretation. Whether it's Title IX in education, the interpretation of the EPA's Clean Power Plant rule, the use of process to punish, or manufactured government charges of racism to attack free market industries, this administration has dangerously expanded the footprint of government in our lives. 

Jan 25, 2016
The Obama administration, and the far-left quit on us. In this episode I make the case by discussing their extremely dangerous release of a known terrorist bomb-maker from Gitmo.
Their continued assault on free-speech in both California and New York.
Their continued assault on limited government through an expanded bureaucratic state.
And, their continued assault on transparency and honesty by deceptively misleading Americans about the issues.

Jan 22, 2016
In this episode I discuss the inner dealings of the Washington DC insider-class and how it recently impacted me. 
I also address the government debt crisis and how inflationary monetary policy helps the government "pay off" its debts.
Finally, I address the extraordinary costs of "free" stuff and the economics of "free" government programs.
Jan 21, 2016
In this episode I discuss the new revelations about corruption within the IRS which should frighten every American.
I also address the economics of the ECB's recent statements indicating more "stimulus" is on the horizon and its connection to the rise in stock prices.
Finally, I address some of the myths surrounding the trade deficit and how politicians use these myths to damage our economy. 
Jan 20, 2016
In this episode I address the crisis in America's struggling inner-cities and how malicious government polices are to blame. 
I also address the disturbing DOJ practice being used to pad the bank accounts of left-leaning organizations.
Finally, I address the avalanche of government debt coming due in the near future and the reasons why government insiders willingly ignore it.

Jan 19, 2016
In this episode I address the breaking news regarding the Supreme Court and the Obama administration immigration action. 
I also discuss the dangers of monetary policy which trades one economic bubble for another. All debts are eventually paid, either by the debtor or the creditor.
Finally, I address the left-leaning website Vox challenging Bernie Sanders on his economically-unworkable healthcare plan.

Jan 18, 2016
In this episode I address the Benghazi attack from the perspective of a former Secret Service agent along with the real reasons nothing was done to stop the attack.

I also address a new study showing the real costs of Obamacare and who is paying those costs.

Finally, I address the economic magic tricks that many on the left continue to rely on to pay for their unsustainable government expansion.
Jan 15, 2016
In this episode I address the Federal Reserve's commitment to printing money with little regard to the practical consequences for American wallets.
I also address the potential confirmation of another radical to the federal bench who believes private property is racist.
Finally, I address the real reasons that the far-left is enamored with an expansive federal bureaucracy.
Jan 14, 2016
Show Notes:
In this episode I discuss the travesty of the continued war by the Democratic Party against school choice for disadvantaged students.
I also discuss the "stand down" order in Benghazi and how it likely happened. 
I address the record tax revenue flowing into the Treasury and what this means with regard to far-left economic ideology.
Finally, I address the continued Obama administration war on American neighborhoods via the AFFH.
Jan 13, 2016
In this episode I fact-check the President's State of the Union address where he engaged in verbal gymnastics of the highest order.
Jan 12, 2016

In this episode I explain the difference between individual rights, clearly defined in our Constitution, versus the pseudo "rights" big-government types declare for the state. I also address the obligations that accompany any declaration of "rights," a topic the far-left prefers to ignore.
Finally, I address President Obama's attempted use of data and logic to defend his attack on the Second Amendment. But, by his own definition, he is making the case for, not against, gun ownership.

Jan 11, 2016

In this episode I discuss some of the critical Supreme Court cases which will be decided in the coming months and how they will impact your life.

I also discuss the social media war being fought by a new generation of misguided pseudo-socialists and how to fight back using common sense and logic.

Jan 8, 2016
In this episode I address my CR piece where I pose a few questions to supporters of socialism, in any form. 

Jan 7, 2016
In this episode I discuss the growing welfare state and the real reasons the far-left pursues its dramatic expansion.

I also discuss the mechanisms by which crony capitalists buy influence within our government outside of traditional lobbying.

I address the stalled economy and how backwards Federal Reserve Policy is making it harder to recover.

The core topic of today's show is the damage that the Clinton cabal is doing to the country and how it operates.

Jan 6, 2016

In this episode I discuss the negative impacts of recent Federal Reserve policy on our economy.

I also discuss the Clinton administration's role in creating the artificial firearm "background check" crisis which President Obama is now trying to solve.

I address China's economy and provide a quick reality check.

Finally, I discuss the continuum of liberty and how the far-left narrative changes everything.

Jan 5, 2016

In this episode I discuss the viral response to my social media post about the folly of Bernie Sanders and "democratic socialism."

I also discuss the "war on the cash economy" and why the far-left is enamored with the idea of a traceable, taxable, non-cash economy.


The core topic of today's show is a discussion of the dangerous provisions written into the new Obama administration gun grab and how they will impact your right to self-protection.

Jan 4, 2016

In this episode I discuss the strange behavior of "fact-checking" website Politifact. They attempted to refute the Lt. Governor of Texas' data on increasing gun ownership being correlated with a decrease in crime by disingenuously claiming it was "mostly false," despite acknowledging in the piece that the data is accurate.

I also address the misleading talking points Bernie Sanders supporters are using to defend his support for a massive expansion of the federal government and taxation.


The final "sticky notes" story is a discussion of the real data on tax cuts, absent the cheap talking points. The data may surprise you.

The core topic of today's show is a fact based case showing the damage the Obama agenda has done to the American economy and our future prosperity. The numbers are disturbing.